Supporting our community with live music and craft beer.

Where’s home?

Grand Forks, BC
A small town along the #3 highway in the West Kootenays of southern British Columbia, chock-full of family and friends whom we are grateful for as they help us build this dream. We couldn’t be doing this with out their skills and encouragement—group photos coming! Click here to discover Grand Forks

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Home Town Beer Makers belongs to the British Columbia Craft Brewers Guild.


Who’s home?

Jeff Salkeld • Business Partner
Jeff’s Mom and Dad moved from Burnaby to Grand Forks in 1976 with the last 2 of their 6 children—Jeff and Laird. Ready to leave the hustle and bustle of city life for small town living they built a home in the sunshine valley and never looked back.

Jeff spent his high school years in Grand Forks and returns to his family’s place at Christina Lake. His 30 years in the energy industry and government included technical, operational, leadership and sales positions.

Jeff first home-brewed in the 1980’s. His passion for the art and science of brewing is equalled by his love of live music and outdoor self-propelled adventure pursuits.
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Jeff Todd • Brewer Partner
Jeff Todd was raised in Grand Forks. He attended the University of Victoria majoring in history and was caught up in the delicious craft beer wave flowing over the Island. After UVic he joined Tin Whistle Brewing in Penticton. Over 9 years they saw a 150% increase in production and Jeff received National and Provincial brewing awards. After the Tin Whistle Jeff worked with other small brewery start-ups. Today Jeff is realizing his
brewery dream back home in Grand Forks. Being able to do what he loves where he loves to be, with friends and family, is comforting and inspiring.
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Who’s in the kitchen?

What kitchen?
While we won’t be making food we will feed you—because we have good neighbours. Between food trucks, our snacks and our neighbours’ menus we got you and your stomach covered. Come back here to meet our foody friends who are just down the street.

Who’s playin’?

Next to beer we are passionate about live music. After the brewhouse we are designing a live stage space for all sorts of events, live music being the main attraction.